Casablanca Ryad

holiday in one of Casablanca ryad is a way to live a city that was and is able to have a special place in the Moroccan idea as we consider a town.
Portugueses were first to call this city Casa Branca, that in Arabic langauge became Ad-dar al-Baidà’a, and then in Spanish Casa Blanca.
There are almost two gossips around this name: the first talks about a house that was alone and white painted, located along Atlantic coast of the country, which became a datum-point for all European seamen of the last centuries and for the inhabitants; the second one talks about a rich European man and his wife, who was so helpful with local inhabitans that starting to be called the city “the house of white woman”.
At the beginning of the last century, the city was composed by only one big neighbourhood, Anfa, and it had almost 20.000 inhabitants; but under French protectorate it started its extension around the port, Casaport. Casablanca own all the typical characteristics of a lively metropolis of Western Europe, with a little particular of those cities of Southern Europe.
stay in a ryad in Casablanca helps you to admire and live all typical elements of traditional Morocco: it is enough to visit one of the wonder of modern holy architecture, the big Hassan II mosque.
Our staff has selected few hotels located in strategic position and ideally located to visit the city.


Riad Salam

n. Rooms 202 - Bd De La Corniche Ain Diab
Riad Salam faces out onto the Atlantic Ocean, just 3km from the city center of Casablanca, 5 minutes from the Hassan Tower II and 30 mn from the Casab...
Riad Jnane Sherazade

n. Rooms 8 - 8, Rue de Belgrade - Mers Sultan
This house was founded in 1953 by the parents of the actual owners of Jnane Sherazade which is located in the East of Habbous, a traditionally famous ...